Mod Monetization System

Modding have always been a big part of gaming world as we know it. Many of the full-fledged games started as mods of some popular game. After which then got identity on their own and were made a standalone games. Team Fortress 2, DOTA 2, Portal, Counter Strike etc. are some of the prime example of the games made from some mod previously developed. Recently several months ago Valve stirred some water by implementing paid modding in game Skyrim. Obviously backlash was huge so they had to take the decision back in several weeks but it did made some talks in gaming community if it can happen I future or not.

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Why buy games when you can Pirate them?

I was once sitting with a friend when he suddenly asked me why I buy games as I am one of the very few in the Indian gaming community who actually buy the games for playing, others prefer to just pirate them. After I explained to him in details my reasons, I thought I should write about this as well to see what you guys think, so here I am.

You buy Hardware, why not software/games then?

When you go for a gaming rig, you do buy hardware and stuff right. If you can buy hardware then what is the problem with software, why can’t you buy them as well. I think anyone who can buy a INR 70K gaming is more than capable of buying games as well that he wants to play. Just because you can pirate the games doesn’t mean that you should. It’s better if you buy them as well. They are not meant to be free, if you want free stuff then there are many indie games which are for free and some AAA games as well. Play them as much as you want but don’t pirate the ones who are not Free to Play. Developers do need salaries and benefits, they are not making games to do charity. Essentially your piracy is making their lives harder as publishing houses cut salaries and bonuses because they haven’t sold enough copies.

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Gaming Conditions In India

I have been a hardcore gamer for quite some time. As a hardcore gamer I mean who play all type of games, or at least is comfortable with most of them. I am certainly not a criminal case or farmville lover for sure. Being a gamer the conditions of gaming in our country has always haunted me in one way or another. I would like to shed some lights on the gravity of this topic. So please bear with me for the time being.

What they Think About Gaming

Now the biggest problem is that when we talk about gaming, in India it is basically considered as a wastage of time to be honest. A meaningless hobby which requires a very powerful PC and a jump on electricity bills thus loss of money. Ask any parents if they want their kids to be a gamer in his life, and you can see their faces. Their expressions are enough for you to understand that they hate it. Its not just parents with this attitude, even among your non gamer colleagues you are considered as a guy with childish hobbies and freak enough to invest money on them. They might try and make fun of you saying look a kid is going, they don’t even know that many games are made for mature people and not kids. Worst problem is that they don’t know and they are good with it.

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Is Video Game Industry Just a Business

I have been playing games for quite some time now and once a friend of mine asked me “What is Video Game Industry” and I told my friend that gaming industry is not just a business, its an art business. They are there for the creation and not just the money. Recent changes in past few years have made me rethink that statement again which I once gave to my friend. So I sat down with a vacant mind, thinking about the past of the gaming industry and how much it has changed in more ways anyone can imagine. Let me clear out several questions before I move further in this article. I am strictly talking about PC gaming here, no Console vs PC war here please. Now let us move on.

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Why gaming laptops are more expensive than gaming desktops

Being a gamer, I get this question a lot from others about why I bought a gaming desktop and not a gaming laptop.In order to explain what drove me to that decision especially when I am a college student and need portability with performance, so I decided to demystify these questions in this article. I’ll try to explain why gaming laptops are costlier than their desktop counterparts and what you should buy as per your need.

There are several factors when you look at the price factor of laptop components.

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