Gaming Conditions In India

I have been a hardcore gamer for quite some time. As a hardcore gamer I mean who play all type of games, or at least is comfortable with most of them. I am certainly not a criminal case or farmville lover for sure. Being a gamer the conditions of gaming in our country has always haunted me in one way or another. I would like to shed some lights on the gravity of this topic. So please bear with me for the time being.

What they Think About Gaming

Now the biggest problem is that when we talk about gaming, in India it is basically considered as a wastage of time to be honest. A meaningless hobby which requires a very powerful PC and a jump on electricity bills thus loss of money. Ask any parents if they want their kids to be a gamer in his life, and you can see their faces. Their expressions are enough for you to understand that they hate it. Its not just parents with this attitude, even among your non gamer colleagues you are considered as a guy with childish hobbies and freak enough to invest money on them. They might try and make fun of you saying look a kid is going, they don’t even know that many games are made for mature people and not kids. Worst problem is that they don’t know and they are good with it.

Lack of Information

Let us be positive and imagine that we can find person who plays game. The person would be playing either CS 1.6, NFS MW (2005) or something like that. Not because they can’t play other games but because they don’t know about other games at all, the lack of information is also a big factor. I mean come on how many of you have seen an advertisement of a game on TV? I imagine your answer would be zero and you wouldn’t be wrong and alone. And you would be surprised to know that these people do come under the category of gamer as per definition.


The lack of information about games gives birth to piracy problem as well. Many people don’t even know that original games are not the ones you buy from your local CD vendor with a damn game poster on it. Their knowledge and database about games is dependent on the local “CD Wala” who only know a few nook and cranny about what’s going on in the gaming world globally. Even if people do know about legitimate games then also they won’t buy it, just to save a few buck from their pocket. They can invest 1000 on a restaurant for a single night but can’t spend 500 for a game that they can play for endless nights with their friends or others.


This piracy problem now give rise to lesser amount of attention from the developer side. If they are not getting for what they made the game from you then why would they be interested in you. Piracy is one of the biggest reason why gaming developers are not very active to provide support for India like pricing or servers in case of online gaming. If more people would buy and developers think that people in India are actually buying then there is a higher chance that they will give us Indian pricing which might be reduced that the global pricing. But due to piracy no one cares about this issue at all, many countries get pricing as per their country economy but we don’t get that at all. Its a sadness really that because of majority of people the legitimate users suffer a lot.

Out Crappy Govt. Internet aka BSNL

I basically play offline games or in other words single player. Its not that I don’t play multiplayer games at all but its just that I my internet connection doesn’t allow me to play all the multiplayer games at all. The internet condition in India sucks big time. We are paying 1000 for 512kbps connection while rest of the world is getting more than double that speed for the same amount. And even if you do get a decent internet connection then pray to god that you get decent pings as well. Also your ISP won’t provide any proper support in this area because he doesn’t know shit about pings at all. All he will ask is if you are getting good download speed or not.


This brings me to my next point in online gaming. We have very few servers located in India, so basically you are stuck with servers in European or American countries where you’ll get shitty pings but you have no other option than get pwned or get kicked from the server because of your ping issues.Apart from a few games we don’t have server dedicated for games in our country because of which we suffers a lot in our gaming life.


Now if this wasn’t enough for us then we are given an infamous problem which is known as FUP(Fixed User Policy). It really does makes the life so much harder. I have a 1Mbps connection till 6 GB, so when I play online games during that period then it feels better. However as soon as the FUP is over then its whole another world, terrible pings, many times death just because of pause of several seconds and packet loss from the ISP side. For Single Player games its alright  in Multiplayer games it means life and death and you don’t just play MP games to enjoy, you always try to win and it really does spoils the gameplay for you. We are just physically far away from all the good stuff, India is fucked up because of geographic position on world map, far away from European server as well as American servers which are the best in most of the cases.

Buying Games locally is hell of a task here

As we have already discussed about Indian mentality and online gaming, now let us talk about market penetration. If a person want to purchase a game then he’ll have a hard time purchasing the game because of this. Very very few vendors have original games in their stock. If you are living in a small town then most probably you won’t be able to find any PC games vendor in your city or town at all. If you are living in a metro city and you are a gamer then you are a lucky guy. Same goes for gaming hardware, they are really hard to find. When I purchased my gaming rig then I had to buy components from 4 cities. Best part none of the part was available in my city at all so had to order them online and pay hefty shipping charges.


For doing anything you need a motivation. As for gaming it comes through gaming competitions and LAN parties. The penetration of these events are nearly negligible in our country. Hardly any LAN party or BYOC parties are organised so that gamers can come together to interact with other similar minded and play with them. This gives them a motivation to play, a need to better themselves at gaming.

What We Think

For the past few years gaming conditions in India has kind of improved, and degraded at the same time. Now most of the people are playing on their portable devices which is a good thing actually. I am hoping that in future the conditions for PS gaming in India would improve and prosper so that if not me then the next generation can benefit from it.


Please share your views with me, whether you agree with my views or disagree with them. Let them come to me through the comment box.

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