Why buy games when you can Pirate them?

I was once sitting with a friend when he suddenly asked me why I buy games as I am one of the very few in the Indian gaming community who actually buy the games for playing, others prefer to just pirate them. After I explained to him in details my reasons, I thought I should write about this as well to see what you guys think, so here I am.

You buy Hardware, why not software/games then?

When you go for a gaming rig, you do buy hardware and stuff right. If you can buy hardware then what is the problem with software, why can’t you buy them as well. I think anyone who can buy a INR 70K gaming is more than capable of buying games as well that he wants to play. Just because you can pirate the games doesn’t mean that you should. It’s better if you buy them as well. They are not meant to be free, if you want free stuff then there are many indie games which are for free and some AAA games as well. Play them as much as you want but don’t pirate the ones who are not Free to Play. Developers do need salaries and benefits, they are not making games to do charity. Essentially your piracy is making their lives harder as publishing houses cut salaries and bonuses because they haven’t sold enough copies.

Are you a Thief? No, then buy games

No seriously I am asking you, are you really a thief. If you are not, then why pirate a game as it’s basically a theft and is not legal at all. There is a reason why there is a price tag on games. Their developers wants money if you want to play the game. By pirating the game you are discouraging them developer to make more games as they won’t get enough money and encouragement for their next games. Also if you really like a game, then you should pay for it. Developers did a great job by creating such nice game and you are enjoying it to your heart’s content then why not pay them money which they rightfully deserve. If you make something with enormous amount of effort and labor and someone steals that stuff and uses it for free, how would you feel? Not a great feeling right, imagine the same for game developers, imagine the countless hours of work they did to make something you can enjoy so they should also get what they deserve.

Juice Is Worth the Squeeze

Let’s compare games to other entertainment forms. If you go to a movie you generally pay around 200 bucks for 1-2 hours of entertainment. In case of gaming you do pay amount larger than that (999 – 1499 bucks for new games) but you also get enormous value for money. Usually a game is 10-16 hours long excluding the multiplayer content. Also most of the RPG games can easily span for more than 100-200 hours of content. Now you can imagine what you pay for a game is much less than what you pay for modes of entertainment. And how can we forget the game sales in which games easily come at 50-90% discounted price which just makes it awesome deal. The best part is that it’s not one time show, you can play the game anywhere in the world and anytime you want once you have paid for the game.

Support from and to the Developers

When you buy a game then you have paid the developers. It’s their responsibility to make the game work in case you face any problems with the game. If they can’t solve the problems with running your game, you have the right to return the game and get refund for the game as well. In most of the cases they do listen and solve your problem. If you buy a game then you provide your support to the developer as well for their hard work, sales are the figures how they determine if a game was a success or a failure and you contribute to that by buying their product. They get encouraged to make more games and give better support to their customers. Also not to mention some gaming developing studios are way too awesome to steal from them, you would actually want to pay them more as you play their game and see their attitude towards their customers.

Multiplayer Content

Most of the games have restrictive DRM that if you do pirate the game then you can’t access the multiplayer of the game. Trust me on this that you miss a lot if you are not touching the multiplayer content of the game where you don’t play against the AI but the real humans. It’s just another world, I have seen players playing more than 1000 hours of multiplayer on a single game. In Battlefield 3 for example, I have seen enormous amount of gaming hours from most of the gamers that own the game.


Last but not the least, when you buy games you get the gaming community with it. A community full of people that have similar likes and that want to talk about games, you get to show your awesome gameplay videos and screenshots to others and what not. You make new friends who share your likes and games and can easily play with them as well. Community is not just for that, they share their expertise with you as well in case you face some problems in games or something else.

In a nutshell stop pirating the games and start buying them, if you can’t play then simply skip the game, that’s what you do for other products, why not implement the same for games as well. If I manage to convince a single person to stop pirating then I guess this article would serve its purpose.


11 Replies to “Why buy games when you can Pirate them?”

  1. Number of quality games are decreasing every year, so is my buying list. I still hate that so many people in our mutual circle are just happy with piracy and single player campaign.

  2. Great article Anand.
    Games do have more quality content than movies. Especially when combined with multiplayer and VoIP it becomes a complete entertainment package. Looking back at my long hours spent on gaming with y’all guys it was completely worth it.

  3. Good article. I think Piracy should be only limited to testing games and for downloading files from torrent. If you can afford games then why not buy it. I used to pirate games but now I mostly buy them if I can. Well its just a start.

    1. Thanks.
      Testing…. Well that depends if you buy game after playing half an hour or not. TBH reviews and gameplay videos are good source to decide if you want to buy the game or not. As for downloading files, it actually backfires many times as you would have to download updates in addition to those files downloaded from torrents.

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