Why gaming laptops are more expensive than gaming desktops

Being a gamer, I get this question a lot from others about why I bought a gaming desktop and not a gaming laptop.In order to explain what drove me to that decision especially when I am a college student and need portability with performance, so I decided to demystify these questions in this article. I’ll try to explain why gaming laptops are costlier than their desktop counterparts and what you should buy as per your need.

There are several factors when you look at the price factor of laptop components.


Its quite obvious that desktops are much much bulkier than the gaming laptops so obviously you gotta pay for the small size in large chunk of money. Also the fact that making small counterparts having somewhat lesser if not equivalent performance is a very hard, time and resource consuming task altogether. Its quite obvious if you look around you, see that mobile with 13 MP camera costing 30K, if you break it down in layman terms then its a combination of an average camera with a smartphone, if you buy them separately then you will save around 5-10K easily but you want it in one device, smaller and sleeker so you pay for that, same goes in gaming laptop also. Smaller it it with more performance glued to it, costlier it will be.


Performance is the very important specially when it comes to gaming, so the manufacturer have to maintain high performance in that small size. Its a known thing that GPU, CPU or any component for that matter of a laptop will give lesser performance than its desktop counterpart of the similar model. The difference in performance is not too much but when you look at their die size and chip area side by side then their would be a hell lot of difference in that, so you have pay the money to maintain such high ratio of performance per unit area.You see the ratio is much higher in laptop than its in a gaming desktop.


You see that so big ass Cabinet with 5 fans in it to cool it off, yeah thats because computer components emits a lot of heat while they are performing but where are those fans in the laptops, those 200mm, 140mm, 120mm fan beauty, oh wait gaming laptop doesn’t have that. Why ? Because you need portability, you need them small. OK you got the laptop small having 80mm fan and all but can it perform like a 200mm fan, obviously it won’t so you see you have to work a lot on the designing and ventilation and other things for the laptop so that the heat emitted is not too much so that those small fans can cool it off without much hassle. The thermal compounds used are also of better quality, the heat sinks (very less) need to be more efficient that normal.

Build Quality

This is somewhat a weird factor and many people might underestimate it but you see when you are building a desktop then you can easily use the steel, aluminium etc which adds to sturdiness of the cabinet and component but in laptops it will make it very heavy so laptop manufacturers have to use high quality plastic and other type of alloys which are light but sturdy and they increase the cost of the laptop.


Last but not least, lets see how it comes into play. You see a typical OS that comes in your laptop is usually the latest version of Microsoft Windows with some proprietary softwares preinstalled in it right ?? So you think you got that for free, well no you didn’t. You have paid for it in full. Usually the OS costs 6K depending on the version you are getting in the retail market, so add that to price as well. In desktops lets face it, very less people actually buy the OS, so you know it becomes cheaper by that mark.


So basically the size is the main factor for all the expense you are providing for a gaming laptop instead of a gaming desktop. So my suggestion would be that if you game at home only and don’t travel much and if you do travel then its really necessary for you to take your gaming life with you then get a gaming desktop, better performance, better feel while gaming. However if you are type who want to complete his backlog in the vacation then gaming laptop is just the right thing for you.

I hope that I have answered the questions, but if you still have any, then feel free to ask in comments and I’ll be glad to help you. Adios. 🙂

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